Background of Jevis Connect

Jevis Connect is the region’s most trusted distributor for Audio Visual and IT products. Expertise with over 20 years of experience in the industry, our technical expertise and knowledge has helped us grow from a humble beginning in 2008 in Hong Kong, to marking our presence across Asia. Together with its portfolio of reputable brands, a dynamic team, we extend our business over Asia with branch in Singapore which opened in 2013.

We provide our dealer with technical support, service and solution. While we are helping different International brands with intensive marketing strategies and promotional activities, so as to penetrate into the regional market.


Sourcing in Asia and China

Beside the product distribution support and service, our presence in HongKong and South China, with headquarter in Hong Kong acts as a bridge for communciation between clients and the original Manufacturer in China.


China, as the World's Manufacturer, there are millions of choices for your potential OEM, ODM or material sourcing partner. However, how do you select the quality and appropriate partners, and also communicate with them well so as to have the deliverables which perfectly meet your requirement.  Our Team with rich experience in assessing the material and products, allows you to get a soucing or manufacturing solution perfectly matching your needs.