Technology Products /Partner Sourcing

Our exertise  and experience in the Audio Visual Technologies, helps you sourcing different cost effective substitional solution to make you more competitive in the market. Assist you to offer cost effective quality solution in your countries. We can act as different roles according to you business needs, to help expanding your business in efficiently by supplying cost effective solution.


We can be your distribitor ....

Knowing who is who in the regions, helps you developing your business inn Hong Kong, Asia and China. Our Channel Management ​helps penetrating into the apprpirate channel ideal for your products's business development.


We can be your Business Representative

Acting as your represtative will also be effective in your business development esp for those who want to want to expand business globally. Instant Global Presence with Asia Rep in a cost effective way.


We can be your Sourcing /Tech Evaluation Representative

As a world production factory, China provide a good environment for production of technology products with cheap lablour cost, Facilities and land. Our Sourcing Management Service  is the solution help lowering your sourcing cost and you can get what you want instantly at cost effetive way.


We can be your ODM/OEM production partner

Act as bridge looking for OEM and OEM partners of different Audio and Video Products in South China where covers 80% of the product prodcution in the industry. We help matching you with an ideal partner in the regions.