Optical Interactive Whiteboard














                                                                                         Optical Interactive Whiteboard

Multi -Touch Detection [New]


Multi -Touch Board is the latest interactive whiteboard system that enhances interactive teaching and collaborative learning. This truly multi-touch whiteboard system is user-friendly and requires no separate multi-user mode setting.


The Optical Interactive Whiteboard allows collaborative work of dual users. Users can write, draw and interact with each other on the interactive whiteboard simultaneously. This creates even better and more interactive teaching & learning environment.

Dual Users Writing & Drawing in Different Colors [New]


With this new feature, dual users can individually write and draw with different colors at the same time. This enhances individual creativity and also encourages true collaborative learning.

Writing & Erasing Simultaneously [New]


This new feature allows user to write & erase at the same time.

This enables presentation and collaboration run smoothly and efficiently. 

Support 3rd Parties Teaching Software


The Multi -Touch Board system is compatible with other teaching & learning software (e.g. RM Easiteach Software) that enables user to create a more interactive environment.


•  Low Cost
•  High Quality
•  Simple and Easy
•  Multi-Touch Detection
•  Powerful software
•  Low and easy maintenance
•  SKD solutions available
•  Multi-platform (support Windows, Linux & IOS systems)


IWB Software

JConnect IWB Software is multi-functional and easy-to-use that creates interactive solutions for presentation, teaching & learning, and business communication.

Functions include:

Drawing & Writing Tools

Handwriting Recognition

Presentation Tools

Graphic Tools

Google Image Search

Video Player

Screen Capture

Screen Record & Audio Record

Document Camera

Voting Function

Data Management

Full Screen Mode

Switch to Windows Mode

Lite Version

Simple Version


More interactive Presentation


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Data Management