Sound Bar System

















                                                                      40W / 60W Sound Bar System

Powerful Audio System (Optional)


The latest 40W / 60W sound bar system with new design Audio Hub that giving a quality sound effect.






































Integrated with Interactive Pen-Tray



















Simple & Easy


The Interactive Pen Tray enables user to easily select different pen color or eraser without switching buttons within the software. User can pick up any pen (Black / Red / Green / Blue) or an eraser from the Interactive Pen Tray and the software will identify which color is selected. The pens do not require battery to use.



Auto Detect Multi-Color Mode


The Interactive Pen Tray can automatically activate multi-color mode (2C / 3C / 4C) when more than one pen are picked from Pen Tray.





  • -  Only one USB Cable to PC

  • -  1x SD card slot available

  • -  2x USB output port available

  • -  MIC in & Line In available

  • -  No speaker cable to PC