Interactive Response System


Interactive Response System (IRS) enhances presentations or lectures by encouraging audiences to get involved and give instant feedback. Using the voting system as an assessment tool, user can create and assign interactive questions for audiences to vote. 












Corporate Conference

Teaching Environment

Examination / Quiz

Medical Forum







                              Instant Voting               PowerPoint Plug-in                Quiz                Report



              Microsoft Office Plug-in 

IRS is fully integrated with Microsoft Office (i.e. PowerPoint, Excel, Word ...) in order to provide real-time reports for results evaluation. User can create / edit questions in PowerPoint slides or using the Question Editor. User can also export and import voting results to database for further evaluation and comparison.


















•   Simple installation

•   User-friendly software

•   Integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint

•   Instant feedback

•   Single / Multiple answer input

•   User ID registration

•   User ID / Name mapping

•   Multi-channel

•   Support over 500 users

•   2.4 GHz wireless transmission

•   SDK Driver for developer

Instructor & User Keypad 

•   Alphanumeric & numeric data entry                                                               

•   All responses are automatically collected within 1 sec

•   Control PowerPoint slides by instructor keypad

•   Full control of examination progress by instructor keypad

•   On screen advertising or branding message

•   Lightweight and compact design

•   Lanyard fitting with 4-line LCD back light display

•   Users can share with one keypad during a voting event

    by inputting different channels and User ID (Student ID) in the





Interactive Respond System is an interactive tool that completely integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint. Instructor can raise questions at anytime during the presentation and allows audiences to vote for their answers using the remote keypads


Features Highlight



•   User-friendly software

•   Integrate with Microsoft PowerPoint

•   Easy one-click interchange with PowerPoint slide / Vote mode

•   Join in (register) the class at anytime

•   Instant confirmation of response on keypad

•   Display real time result

•   Great tools to edit question and conduct survey, test and examination at anytime

•   Advanced Data Management and Report

•   Export exam result in Excel format

Question Editing

•   Auto-synchronize PowerPoint Slides and


•   Sets answering time limit, question difficulty,

    incorrect answer penalty.

•   Supports different question types including 

    numeric, sequencing, true/false, yes/no,

    multiple choice for up to 30 answer & rating






Class Editing


•   Create a class

•   Edit class information

•   Add students in a class 

•   Edit student information








Real time audience’s response can be statistically shown in various formats such as spreadsheets or graphical charts. The result data can be exported as Excel or PDF files.


                                                                User Keypad