Tablet Classroom Management System



















Real-time tablet control system


TabLink is a Wi-Fi network based management portal that allows teachers to easily and effectively manage classroom activities. During the class, the teacher can work with IWB and tablet to interact with student in real-time and control multiple student tablets (e.g. remotely suspend screen, share teacher screen, monitor screen & apps...).


































  •  Teacher's screen sharing and monitoring

  •  Application monitoring

  •  Quiz and vote

  •  Auto-sync with teacher's preparations

  •  Web based content management system

  •  Classroom log in management

  •  Individual & group chat

  •  Content sharing Student's notepad

  •  Document camera


Student List


The Student List allow teacher to observe student’s details and status during the class.

•  Student name

•  Student online status (log in / off)

•  Student operation status (hands-up)

•  Group type (control group / free group)

Grouping Control


Control Group: Teacher can assign student to participate during the class.

Free Group: Student’s learning activity is not strictly controlled by teacher during the class.


Apps Monitor


•  To monitor student’s current application status.

•  Simultaneously observe more than 50 students.



Screen Monitor


•  To observe student screens at the same time.

•  Select student screen and share (full screen)





Teacher Broadcast


•  Allow teacher to use their own content / 3rd party contents.

•  Display teacher screen on student device (real-time teaching)

•  Allow annotation on teaching contents.

•  Synchronize with website link and allow annotation on it.

Quiz & Vote


•  Allow simple & quick vote at anytime.