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                                                                                             Interactive Touch Overlay


Multi-Touch support with freestyle interaction

Four people can instantly start working individually or together to complete actions, such as perform mouse functions , writing in digital ink or moving objects with their fingers. It’s perfect for freestyle collaboration and brainstorming.


2 cm Slim profile



Touch interface

Write, erase and perform mouse functions using your

finger or the included pen.


Presence detection

IR Sensors detect up to 4 user movements and respond



Protective glass surface

A scratch-resistant, protective glass layer enables interactivity

and protects your flat-panel display.























Specifications: Touch gestures:

Zoom, flick and rotate objects easily – the DTO  series supports touch gestures like those used in the Microsoft Windows 7 , WIN 8 ..operating system.

Flexible  Models:

Available in a variety of sizes to fit flat-panel plasma and LCD / LED displays in commercial brands ranging from 42" to 82” )


  • True Multi-Touch Detection (up to 4 points simultaneously)

  • Easy and Flexible Installation

  • Low Cost Interactive Solution

  • Plug-and-Play

  • No Driver Install for Windows 7

  • Different Sizes Available

  • Multi touch and touch-gesture support with finger and pen navigation






IWB Software







JConnect IWB Software is multi-functional and easy-to-use that creates interactive solutions for presentation, teaching & learning, and business communication.

Functions include:



Drawing & Writing Tools

Handwriting Recognition

Presentation Tools

Graphic Tools

Google Image Search

Video Player

Screen Capture

Screen Record & Audio Record

Document Camera

Voting Function

Data Management

Full Screen Mode

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Lite Version


Simple Version


More interactive Presentation


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Data Management